Custom Metal Railings Palm Beach

Adding a custom metal railing, gate, or fencing to your home or commercial property guarantees a beautiful and finished look. It will serve as an effective security feature but also boost the aesthetic appeal of the property. Few building materials offer the beauty, durability, and strength of wrought iron. The benefits of custom metal railings are many. 

It Will Last a Long Time 

Durability and the ability to withstand the elements are the main appeals of steel structures. Metal, in all its forms, will last for many years under all kinds of conditions. When protected with the right sealer and paint, metal railings, fences, and gates will last a lifetime.  

Privacy, Security, and Safety 

When you want to keep the world out, steel doors and gates are a great option. Solid metal gates will provide you with privacy in addition to safety. They are difficult to climb or break through. Decorative gates will offer you a high level of security without making the property look foreboding. 

Low Maintenance 

Metal doesn’t require the same amount of upkeep and maintenance as wood does. Wood will eventually begin to rot no matter how much you paint or seal it. Wood stairs and fences need constant care to keep them functioning and looking good. Not so with metal. Metal gates, stairs, and railings don’t need nearly as much maintenance. Freshen up the paint every five years or so. Even if the metal rusts, it will take years before the structural integrity is compromised.  

Uses for Metal Railings and Wrought Iron 

  • Decorative gates 
  • Staircases 
  • Decorative window protection 
  • Security doors 
  • Property lines 
  • Fencing 
  • Garden decor 
  • Security gates 

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